“We Love Seeing Families! We Are A Family Practice, And Know What It Is Like To Manage Many Schedules And Commitments. When You Come To Our Practice, You Become Part Of Our Family. It Is Our Goal To Make Your Orthodontic Treatment An Easy And Rewarding Experience.”

Have you ever seen the canine teeth coming out of the gums like fangs? These not only weaken the gums, but also lowers self-esteem. This is a preventable situation and we can help create space before this problem occurs.


Does your child snore? They shouldn’t! Early expansion of the upper arch with orthodontics and working with an ENT doctor can widen the airway, increasing oxygen to the brain and provide a host of other health benefits.


We love kids, and recommend bringing them in by the age of 7. Prevention is key at an early age, and we can prevent many harmful things for your child if we catch it early.


We are a family practice, and know what it is like to manage many schedules and commitments. When you come to our practice, you become part of our family. It is our goal to make your orthodontic treatment an easy and rewarding experience.

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Let’s Talk About Two Phases Of Treatment.

The ultimate goal is to prevent problems for your child. It is NOT to charge twice for braces.


Not everybody needs early treatment. Some reasons for early treatment (also called Phase I) include severe crowding, crossbites, underbites, impacted teeth, small airway, or extra or missing teeth. Every child is different, and our doctors take their time when explaining when early treatment is necessary.


Phase I refers to orthodontic treatment when there are both baby teeth and adult teeth present. As much work as possible is done in Phase I with the hope that we can prevent problems for your child. Phase I is a Preventative Phase of Treatment, moving teeth and sometimes the upper jaw to where they need to be to normalize the underlying condition at hand. It typically lasts for a 12-18 month time period.


Phase II refers to the stage when all or almost all of the permanent teeth are present. Without Phase I, sometimes all of the permanent teeth cannot come in! Phase II is a time in orthodontic treatment to fine-tune the straightness of the teeth, and to fully correct the bite. It typically lasts for a 12-18 month time period.

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